The RDRA have decided to publish, on a regular basis, newsletters which will provide information to the residents of the road.

Nov 13, 2014

Road repairs needed - the reality in pictures

Nov 2009

2009 AGM, Rowly Website Reminder, Drainage ditches, Speed & road signs, Road repairs, Cars parked on main road, Annual subs, Respecting the verges, Anyone for Tennis?

Oct 2008

Rowly Drive website,Email addresses, Cars parked on the main road, Road repairs, 2008 AGM, Annual subscriptions, Speed and road signs, Anyone for Tennis?

Feb 2008

2007 AGM, Thames Water, Road repairs, Annual subscriptions, Speed and road signs, Bonfires

Jul 2007

AGM 12th July, Annual Subscriptions, Website, Speed and Road Signs,Voluntary Bonfire Code, Welcome to new members


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